Educational Videos:          Why you will benefit from Upper Cervical Care
Amazing healing stories with Upper Cervical
Gentle care for
Acid Reflux and Colic
Montel gets adjusted &
testimony for MS relief
MD's loving Upper Cervical care
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
featuring The Doctor with "X-Ray" Vision
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About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
Learning #1: The Basics
Video from the Home page (red box link)
9min - more detailed
Trigeminal Neuralgia,
constant pain after accident,
3min - Introduction
So gentle and safe for
infants and children.
Another Upper Cervical miracle after years of frustration
Patient gets instant relief after years of pain and suffering
MD amazed by blood pressure reduction in study
Just one Upper Cervical adjustment as effective as taking two prescription meds.
Upper Cervical in the Press:
Learning #2:
Explains how the body truly heals - by clearing old traumas / conditions from the Nerve System
"Blindness is no longer an option for you..."
Another Upper Cervical miracle
It depends...
Why your Nerve System is so important...
...and why no other profession does what we do.
A mentor to thousands of Chiropractors.
(It's the late 60's or early 70's in this video, 
so enjoy his hair, tie, and video quality :)
30 total minutes of pure truth about Life and healing.
Answers the question: What can a Chiropractor cure?

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