Brainstem Balancing
My service is simple and direct:

1, You come in for a visit.

2. I locate any Upper Cervical Nerve Interference
     you may have.

3. I quickly remove that interference with an
    ultra-gentle specific adjustment.

My pricing is simple and direct:

Brainstem Balancing Upper Cervical Care is
being offered right now at 
just $20 per visit.

Most of the time, that is less than an Insurance co-pay.

Visit:  $20

Monthly:  $220

I do not participate in any insurance system - however,
I will provide receipts for a Health Savings Account.

How can this level of care only cost $20?

My service is priceless. You can't pay for what I do.
What you can pay for is my time I spend with you.

The average Upper Cervical doctor charges $65 for a visit.

On that scale, my service should be well over $100
- yet, I am charging less.

I will continue to offer this low fee for as long as I can.

As of now, your Upper Cervical Care will take less than 3 min per visit. As my technique matures, and the time I spend with you changes, I will adjust my fees accordingly.

Remember, after just a second of looking at you, my extrasensory vision allows me to see exactly where and how you need to be adjusted for that day.

100% of the time I am with you, is adjustment time.

How often should someone get checked?

1. Some clients choose to visit us three times a week - to speed their recovery as fast as their body is able.

2. Some clients get checked twice a week - it's an ideal way to increase wellness.

3. Other clients may visit as little as once every week or two. This works for people with lower stress lives, no major  issues, and a mostly clear Nerve System.

No matter what frequency of care you choose, all clients should come in to get checked as soon as possible after a new physical, chemical, or emotional trauma.

Because your Brainstem is truly an area where
"A stitch in time, saves nine."

Would you spend a moment to talk
to us about radiation and referrals?

Sure, there are many types of radiation, but the one that
affects and can alter our DNA; and thus has mutagenic
properties that can lead to cancers, etc.
is called Ionizing Radiation.

There is no safe dose for Ionizing Radiation.

Our exposure is cumulative over our life, meaning
that each X-Ray we receive is adding to our overall
lifetime load of radiation.

This means we should attempt to "save" our radiation
exposure for serious situations.

An example of a wise use of radiation exposure is when
someone is sent to the Hospital Emergency Room with
major trauma.

In my opinion (and I'm not an MD or Dentist) this excludes
getting "routine" annual dental X-Rays, or yearly mammograms.

X-Rays of our extremities (arms and legs) are less harmful
than X-Rays of areas that include organs and glands.
(Abdomen, Chest, Neck, and Head)

Referrals for friends not in Santa Barbara:

When a client or visitor to my practice asks for a referral for themselves, a family member, or friend, I will locate an Upper Cervical doctor in their area.

I believe that all other Upper Cervical doctors employ
X-rays as part of their analysis procedure.

I consider this to be a wise use of X-rays, because we have to weigh the benefits of Upper Cervical Care vs. no Upper Cervical care.

If your Life is being compromised by Upper Cervical nerve interference, getting great care far outweighs the X-Ray penalty.
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