About Dr. Joe Migliore:

The Doctor with "X-Ray" vision*

What exactly is this "X-Ray" vision?

No, I do not produce or see X-rays.

The term "The Doctor with X-Ray vision" is simply the easiest way I have to convey what my extrasensory vision
allows me to see when I meet you.

Quite literally, my vision shows me where your Upper Cervical Nerve System is compromised, and the exact spot and angle
to precisely make a gentle correction.

Is that how you knew to go to that exact spot?

Yes, it is.

Your body is showing me exactly where to go
and what to do during each visit.


And what is Brainstem Balancing
Real - Time Adjusting

Because of my vision and palpation skills, I am able to correct your Upper Cervical region in real time.

This means that during each visit I see exactly where your Atlas and Axis are - right now, and then gently adjust them until they are exactly where your Nerve System wants them for that day.

That's why Brainstem
Balancing works so well.

What are client results from this
Nerve System Care?

Every category of health problem from minor to major
has had stunning results in my office.

Clients often report amazing life improvements such as:

  1. Actual recovery from named diseases
      (not just symptom relief)
  2. Boosted immune system function
  3. Stress reduction
  4. Balancing of body chemistry
  5. Memory improvements
  6. Enhanced athletic performance
  7. Faster healing
  8. and of course, pain relief

Visit the Success Stories page for testimonials and the
History form & Educational Videos page for YouTube links.


The results seen in my office were predicted by
Upper Cervical Philosophy, and a new field of science
called Psycho-Neuro-Immunology.

This science is documenting how a properly tuned
Brain and Nerve System can boost our Immune System.
(Google or Wikipedia: PsychoNeuroImmunology)

So in summary...

I actually see Brain to Body, and Body to Brain
Nerve Interference, correct it, and then allow your body
to start doing what it was designed to do - heal itself.

My vision allows me to do exactly what your body requires
for that visit - never any more, never any less.

It's this precision in my work that provides the spectacular
results I see in my office.

Let's remember that it is your body that does any and all
healing - my work simply clears your Nerve System so that
your body's natural self-healing can take over.

This fact applies to:
     improved physical body functioning,
     increased immune system function,
     and the elimination of built-up stress.

Remove the interference, and healing happens!

Please talk to me about your specific goals and I will
explain how my work may help make them a reality.
featuring The Doctor with "X-Ray" Vision
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe
About Dr. Joe

      * Dr. Joe uses his extrasensory vision to
    actually see underlying Nerve System
    interference between your Brain and Body.

    He then clears the interference with
    an ultra-gentle, specific adjustment
    that trigger your body's self-healing
    and enhances your overall wellness.

About Dr. Joe